If I have not received an application two months before my certificate expires, what should I do?

It is your responsibility to renew your certificate on time. Failure to receive an application from IDPH is not an acceptable reason for failing to renew your certificate on time. There are two ways you can apply to renew your certificate.

1) Obtain and submit a completed “Request Form”. The form is available from the regional office, the Springfield central office or your local health department. This form should be used if your certificate expires in less than 4 weeks.

2) Request renewal of your certificate on a plain piece of paper. Include your name, current address (indicate if this is an address change), your FSSMC ID number and a day time phone number where you can be reached. Also include a statement that indicates whether you have been designated by the courts to pay child support or not. If you are the designee, indicate whether you are current in those payments or whether you are more than 30 days delinquent in those payments. The child support statement must be signed and dated. The child support information is required by state law and may not be ignored by any applicant.

Mail applications or requests for renewal of certificates to:

Illinois Department of Public Health

Division of Food Drugs and Dairies

525 W. Jefferson St., 2nd Floor

Springfield, IL 62761-0001