Sexual Harassment Training

Thank you for your interest in Safe Chefs Tap Series Sexual Harassment Training.

In the upcoming pages you will be given the opportunity to purchase qualified training rights. You can purchase as many training rights as you need. Training rights do not expire, if you wish to purchase more than you need now, to reach a volume purchase discount, you can be assured the rights will stay in your account until you need them.
During the purchase process you will also be creating your own account. If you are purchasing for a company this account will give you the ability to:





  • Purchase more training rights when needed
  • Enroll employees into the training
  • Enroll employees and supervisors in English or Spanish
  • Manage the training
  • Keep an electronic record of those who are trained
  • Print out certificates your employees have earned
  • In the future, the system will send you notices when employees are due to re-certify.
  • Manage the training



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Private Classes:

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